Our Customized Online Web Services

At Cross5Media we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated in-house web designers and developers to help your online business succeed.

A website is a very important aspect of any ecommerce campaign or website for that matter. It serves as the central point for your operations, and point of contact for your customers and target audience. Having a dynamic and effective website is vital for any online business to survive, and Cross5Media is here to help you in website creation, SEO optimization, ecommerce design and in other aspects of internet marketing.

Here is a list of some of our customized online web services:

Search Engine Optimization

We provide SEO marketing plans that are tailor-made to suit your business objectives. Use both professional and aggressive practices, which include link building and content writing to boost your online reputation and get noticed by search engines.

Custom Web Design Services

We provide custom and creative web design solutions to reflect the uniqueness of your business. We don’t use boring and out-of-date templates, but affordable and custom solutions. Let’s give you that beautiful, lively and dynamic website that represents you and your business.

Web Development Services

We have a web development department that is made up of experienced staff who’ve tackled a host of web building projects, ranging from simple front-end web features to intricate and more complex back-end programming and development.


Selling your products, services or merchandize can be made extremely easy with Cross5Media. Allow us to take you through the steps involved in creating an efficient and effective online store. We use different shopping cart software and other custom built applications.

Web Hosting Services

We offer great hosting plans with simple tools to get you on the go, as well as other plans specifically meant to support high traffic websites.

Dedicated Servers

At Cross5Media we’ll customize your dedicated servers in order to accommodate high traffic generating websites requiring increased flexibility. You can host multiple websites or host specialized applications on your custom built server.

Domain Registration

If you need to register your domain name, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer some of the lowest domain registration rates. You even get a discount for domain registration when you use our web design services.

Add-On Features

These improve your website’s functionality in numerous ways. These tools can be used to increase transfer limits, add more disk space or fully exploit ecommerce modules.

If you are looking to make first and lasting impression on the web, and expose your business to levels you previously never imagined, get in touch with Cross5Media today and see how we ca help you.