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About Us

Cross5media is a digital marketing agency, we provide comprehensive lead generation programs using social media, digital, mobile and traditional media channel. Our primary objective is to generate Pay Per Call and CPA lead advertisement for our clients. We provide total support through analytic and our traffic generation is very unique and of high quality. The purpose of Cross5media is to ensure you win always in any market that you are in when you use our services.

We help digital marketers get the most of phone calls as a media advertisement performance metric with scalability and quality call attributions. Our industry leading solution reveals the lead generation effect of direct response advertisement.

We have a team of high quality specialist, affiliates and state of the art technology to enhance quality service, unique leads, and authentic calls from real targeted customers and high quality advertisement, to grow your business. All we need is a brief discussion about your business and we deliver leads and conversions through pay per call advertisement to have you at the top category in any niche in your market place.

Who We Are

Cross5media is very passionate at helping small and medium scale marketers monetize offline lead generated to their campaigns through our services. Having been in the industry for years, we have a proven experience that delivers robust and high-tech call attribute solutions. Our expertise is one of the deepest in the industry. This explains why we are a top priority for agency and marketing solutions and top tier digital marketers in pay per call product or brand advertising. We also help monetize client’s marketing programs and advertisement

Quality service

Our quality service and unmatched targeted pay per call solution makes us one of the best in the industry. We also have in place a call tracking system to help monitor your campaign with us. With our services, clients can easily figure out which lead source, keywords and channel are converting best. This enhances quick optimization of customer’s campaign for higher conversions. Our data are very easy to analyze and understand plus they are available in real time 24/7.

Every month we generate thousands upon thousands of pay per call leads for customers and local franchise in all media types in roughly thousands or categories. We help clients roll out pay per call tracking programs of any magnitude and we usually deliver basic advertising performance analyses couple with valuable supports and insights into campaigns results.

We provide an unmatched quality in the pay per call industry at very low price, this is another awesome feature and reason why our existing clients and customers usually stick to our services rather than the competitors’.

Are you a small or medium scale business owner looking to get clients and customers through pay per call media advertisement? Them join Cross5media today and be glad you did.